Dennis Schubert

About me!

This once used to be a long text, but texts are boring. So, instead: Factsheet. Things I do:

  • Building an Interoperable Web, for Humans and Machines alike.
  • Discovering Privacy-first solutions for sharing things online.
  • Working on federated systems without sacrificing policies and moderation.

Programming languages

Ordered by level of knowledge and the amount of time I spend yelling at each.

  • JavaScript, occasionally involving React, Vue.js and/or Next.js.
  • Ruby. Sometimes even on Rails!
  • Rust. Oxidation is happening slowly, but it’s unstoppable.
  • C/C++, mainly for debugging things. And the occasional GameDev trip.

Abbreviated career history

  • Currently: Web Superglue Engineer at Mozilla.
    • Earliest recorded contribution in 2011, now full-time staff.
    • Working on keeping browsers and specs compatible with each other and putting out fires when they are not.
  • Contracting work for building software used for automating things in the aviation industry.
  • Freelancing web development work.
    • Ruby on Rails most of the time, but there were occasional exceptions like PHP.
  • Full-time at a Web Development Agency.
    • Planning and building websites and web applications.
    • Finding the intersection between what customers say they want and what they actually want.


  • diaspora*, a federated social network built on Ruby on Rails and lots of JS.
    • Trying to keep the project running by doing some project management and running the project infrastructure.
    • Occasional coding and review tasks.
  • Hooktor, a small webhook reactor built with NodeJS and pkg to build standalone binaries.
    • Built-in support for GitHub, GitLab, and Travis CI hooks, but can be extended easily.

There are more things I could mention, and I’m bad at keeping this updated, so it’s probably a good idea to check my GitHub profile.

Other things I do

  • When I’m outside, I like to take photos.
  • Occasionally, I like to dabble a bit in game development in Unreal, using Blender, Substance, and Houdini.

Who needs free time anyway, right?

Want to talk?

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Please note that I am not available for hire, so please do not reach out with job offers.

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Artsy things


  • Ko-Fi for those few folks who want to support my work on open source projects, and running them.

Other “denschub”s on the internet might be me, but there’s a couple of fake ones out there, so beware.